A victim of climate change

Husky climate changel
Unemployed Husky

Let's have a moment of silence

Let's have a moment of silence - Traffic Jam
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Letīs have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in the elevator while talking about their new diet and going down one floor.

Letīs have a moment of silence for all those who suffer from high fuel prices because they do not find a parking place with their SUV on their way to the local bakery.

Oil consumption - At your own risk!

Oil consumption warning

Dancing Powerpole

Dancing powerpole Finally Free thanks ro solar power

Wind turbines and coal

Wind turbines trash the landscape

Climate comic - Cool Girl Comic

Cool Girl Comic Solar

Soot free for the climate

Black carbon soot particles, which result from fossil fuels and biomass, have a threefold damaging effect which causes dramatic melting of the arctic ice: They absorb radiating heat from the sun and warm its direct environment, they interact with clouds and affect rainfall patterns and they fall onto snow and ice and change the overall reflectivity of those surfaces and accelerates the onset of spring melt.
Therefore the reduction of diesel emissions of vehicles and offroad-engines of diesel powered rail vehicles, ships and construction machines is important for a stable climate.

Cartoon soot free arctic

Cartoon soot free

Cartoon soot free windows

To the campaign soot free for the climate

All ZieDschi cartoons and comics can be used free of charge in media that support climate protection or renewable energies.